Python and Django Software Development

also complex Javascript applications with Backbone.js


Wave Accounting

Thousands of signups a day
Lights On Software worked with Wave Accounting from idea to user adoption building the first and second iterations of the free accounting product. We consulted on team building, project management, software development process and implemented many of important features such as automatic bank import, accounting transactions, etc. We also set up the infrastructure for scalability and ease of deployment.
It is exciting to see the splash this product is continuing to make in the marketplace.

from marketing brains behind

We are helping develop the first iteration of their online data visualization editing product that allows to simply build beautiful visualizations. Our value-add is cutting-edge front and back-end development skills, project management, and estimation.

Recently launched public site gathered attention on Tech Crunch and Mashable

Olympics: Vancouver 2010

new Olympic record for project delivery
Vancouver 2010 Games were coming up soon and Canadian Olympic Committee chose Lights On Software to deliver on a tight deadline. We did not disappoint – involving the client into up-to-the-minute project management and effectively communicating the tradeoffs, we were able to recommend time saving strategies with the end result being the project delivered up-to-the-specification, on-time and on-budget.

Django DRY Javascript Urls

Announcing django-js-utils library that adds ability to build your Django urls in Javascript without copy-pasting or building urls by string conctatenation.

Software Estimation Quote

quote from the Mythical Man-Month by Fred Brook

Lights On Software brought Vancouver 2010 microsite to the cheerful fans on-schedule and on-budget. They are realistic and conscientious! I would recommend Lights On Software unequivocally and we will be doing more business together!
—Esad Zenkic, Senior Manager, Canadian Olympic Committee
A very impressive depth of knowledge, with creative solutions to solve the many challenges in the development of our project. We quickly developed a great collaborative working relationship that was essential to getting our site up in record time.
—Chris Skinner, Director, St. Joseph Media (Toronto Life)