We are a tight-knit and talented group of software developers that delivers clean and maintainable code.

Restful APIs
Python and Django experts

Web and native apps
Angular, React, and Ionic specialists

What We Value

Our client's success.

Readable and maintainable code.

Transparency and trust in our working relationships.

Featured Clients

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Client Feedback

Lights On Software took on our legacy system and quickly got up to speed to address structural issues and obscure bugs, as well as implementing new features. We feel very lucky to have found a reliable partner and have seen dramatic performance improvements in critical functions due to their efforts. They have consistently exceeded our expectations with expert knowledge, flexibility, and great communication.

Kathryn Whitenton, Digital Strategy Manager, Nielsen Norman Group

Lights On Software played a pivotal part in transforming where we stood from a technology standpoint. Their dedication, patience and expertise is invaluable. Really, they're everything you hope for in a team.

Courtney Riot, Art Director, Suicide Girls

Meet the Team

Dimitri Headshot
Dimitri Gnidash
Engineer, Manager, Developer
Marc Headshot
Marc Gibbons
Senior Software Engineer
Scott Headshot
Scott Mountenay
Senior Software Engineer
Diego Headshot
Diego Lavalle
Software Engineer
Mike Judge Headshot
Mike Judge
Senior Software Engineer
Mike Cranston Headshot
Mike Cranston
Software Engineer

In The Wild

Django REST Swagger

Our own Marc Gibbons' project, which introspectively generates documentation based on your Django REST Framework API code. Comments are generated in combination from code analysis and comment extraction. Currently rocking about 1,000 stars on github.

Latest Articles

Writing Code That Reads Like a Story

Envisioning code as a story can be a useful metaphor for helping to create clean code, which is simple and easy to reason about. In this article I will continue to build on this idea, and give more concrete examples of what I think it means to write simple, clean...

The Story of a System

The way I like to think about code is as a story of a complex system. It may be a long and involved story, containing many individual actors and characters, or scenes and locations. It may be a short-story, simple and easy to understand. Or it may be like a...